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SERVICE PRODUCTS  The business covers two core industries: air passenger transport, air cargo and logistics.It is related to aircraft maintenance, airline catering, air cargo terminal, ground service, airport service, aviation media and other related industries.
As well as financial services, aviation tourism, engineering const
ruction, information network and other extended service industries.
Aviation education training
Aviation financial
Airline food
Air maintenance
Air transport
IRegiment in aviation (shenzhen) co., LTD., founded in 2017 on October 19th, jian-ming ma as a legal person of a registered capital of 1 billion yuan, is the mass of the equity investment company and shanxi treasure group initiated and controlled by the airline. Due to the domestic and international civil aviation development momentum established determine: only one over ten for the domestic civil aviation contrast the United States, the domestic civil aviation to double in 2023 is no problem, when the domestic civil aviation passenger and cargo consumption conservative estimates more than 500 billion yuan; Southwest Pacific area in the future will become the world economy, the largest and most active areas in economy now has more than North America, 20 years will be five times in North America, China, Japan, Russia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, southwest Pacific countries, only population has more than 10 times in North America. Along with the international federation of things and the Chinese government's push, the rapid development of international aviation in the southwest Pacific will begin in 2018, and the bay area is at its core.
Space program through five years of construction, in 2023 operating income in 2023, set up article 25 domestic and international routes, to provide civil passenger and cargo transportation, carry out temporary emergency personal charter flights, charter flights, shipping and other flexible transport services. To track the hotspot of civil aviation industry chain and provide accurate technical service. We will steadily implement the overall industrial chain business layout.
NEWS CENTER Providing the latest and most detailed news information in the industry, high security provides customers with fast, safe, convenient and high-quality aviation services.
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